"Our Prison Watch Project monitors human rights abuses in U.S. federal and state prisons, specifically the practice of isolation and torture: it promotes nationwide and international attention to these concerns. Additional projects promote alternative thinking to the incarceration of youth, to community reintegration by persons formerly incarcerated, and to the collateral damage of incarceration and prisons on communities of people" (AFSC.org)

Bonnie Kerness:

Leader, Advocate, and Educator

Bonnie has worked with the AFSC for over 30 years, constantly fighting for prisoners' rights. She is currently the director of the Prison Watch Program at AFSC, where she speaks out against the use of solitary confinement and sensory deprivation as forms of torture. Bonnie is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the A.E.C. Prison Ministry Federation Community Humanitarian Award and the East Jersey Incarcerated Veterans Group Humanitarian Award. She is a lifelong advocate for prisoners everywhere, stating that abuses of prisoners' rights are abuses of human rights.

"A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" -Martin Luther King, Jr

"The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world, with over 2.3 million people currently behind bars. Poor people and people of color are incarcerated at vastly disproportionate rates. Many prisoners are held in solitary confinement or denied adequate medical care and educational opportunities, and few resources are invested in reentry or community programs. AFSC works to end mass incarceration, improve conditions for people who are in prison, stop prison privatization, and promote a reconciliation and healing approach to criminal justice issues" (AFSC.org).

Ojore Lutalo, the man behind the collages (right)